Everyone has a different picture of bread in mind, according to our preferences, place of origin, our habits. Rustic bread, bread with sourdough, rye bread, wheat bread, loaf bread, wholemeal bread, are just some of the varieties we offer.

Bread broducts

We bake and offer every type of bakery product. We daily bake fresh baguettes, bread bums, bread-sticks available in various flavors and types, salty pretzels, rusks, french toast, biscuits, teacakes flavored or not, stuffed cookies, traditional sweets, cookies.

26/62 Coffee

Within Athens Bakery, where Sina 26th and Solonos 62nd meet, we created a special “corner” for coffee time and breaks, called 26-62 Coffee. Selected coffee varieties from the world of Espresso blends, Brazilian, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico decaf, result to enchanting aromas and flavors.

Pies – Snacks

A large variety choices in pies and snacks for breakfast or a break. Every day we prepare and cook for you a wide variety of fast food and snacks. Our choices have fine pastry, fluffy croissants, traditional pies, pizzas, delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and many other dishes.

Sweets and Pastry

We offer a wide assortment of sweets, pastry, chocolates and chocolate by the kilo in different flavors! Choose chocolates and treats for the celebration of your birthday or name day, sweet cookies and cakes, teacakes, frozen sweets, mini-icecreams. You can also choose from the delicious pastes, our birthday cakes and ice cream, frozen yogurt, tasty … Continue reading Sweets and Pastry

Grocery – liqueur store

Our aim is to cover all kinds of consumer needs. We offer a wide variety of packaged items for every need, such as milk, yogurt and other dairy products, cheese, cold cuts, jams, honeys, pasta and other packaged goods. We also have drinks and wines, beverage gift baskets, nuts and other liquor related products and … Continue reading Grocery – liqueur store

Fresh sandwiches

Every morning we prepare sandwiches with the freshest and tasty ingredients for breakfast, fast breaks, and snack time.   We have a great variety of flavors and types, such as toast, baguettes, English sandwiches, black bread, bread rolls, various cheeses, fillets, vegetables and sauce for every taste and every time of the day!

Fresh, cool salads

Fresh delicious salads prepared daily in our store! In a wide variety: Caesar’s, Penne with vegetables, Greek salad with penne, Cretan Rusk salad, Capricciosa, Chef, Tuna